Through wet dreams, orgasms, story vignettes and a treasure map that arrives more than half-way through the story, aphorisms and subtle discourse prevail against a texture of sometimes foul but always descriptive contemporary language. Pussy is replete with a kind of taboo transgression "where our souls do not hover contemptuously over our land-bound bodies." Read Gérard Martin's review. the story opens in 3001: THE FINAL ODYSSEY, a small but intriguing radar anomaly is picked up on the outskirts of the solar system. A lone astronaut is found floating in an orbit heading into deeper space. Despite heart and lungs rendered long ago inactive in the airlessness of outer space, the space-suited man is revived and restored to full health using advanced medical technology -- technology that by today's standards would surely be indistinguishable from magic. This human relic from an earlier era is the sole surviving crew member from the earlier 21st century mission. Read Gérard Martin's review.


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